Why Middle TN Is a Great Place to Build Your Dream Home

Why Middle TN Is a Great Place to Build Your Dream Home

In addition to the small details that go into making up a house, we also believe location plays a big part in how much you love your home. Since we want to make sure you don’t miss out on living in a great city, we’ve collected these 7 awesome things Middle TN has to offer that will enhance your home building experience.

There’s Nature Within a Big City

Whether you want to be in the city or deep in nature, Middle TN offers options for both. One second you could be sitting in city traffic and the next, be sitting on a peaceful park bench while watching squirrels run up and down trees. Centennial Park in Nashville is one of the most popular parks in the city, but there are plenty other areas to explore in the area that offer opportunities to hike, picnic, bicycle, explore, and see waterfalls.

Live Music

Nashville isn’t called Music City for no reason. All throughout the city, concerts are showing and live bands are playing in bars and coffee shops. There’s plenty of music variety, too. In addition to country music, you can also find live jazz, rock, Americana, and more, depending on where you go to listen.


Nashville is one of the biggest healthcare cities in the country. In Middle TN, you’ll receive the best healthcare options and never be too far away from a hospital or the specialized treatment you may need.

Plenty of Education Options

Middle TN is heavily populated with every level of schooling your children could need, plus several great colleges, such as Lipscomb, Belmont, Vanderbilt, and MTSU. With so many options, you won’t have to settle for sending your kids to a school you or they don’t like.

Amazing Food

When you visit or move to Middle TN, you’ll never have to worry about going hungry. Aside from just about every chain restaurant you can think of, Middle TN is growing with new local dining every day. From southern dining to upscale Italian, there are food options for every preference. Plus, there’s authentic Nashville hot chicken that’s become a widespread favorite.

So Many Things to Do

You can never run out of things to do in Middle TN. You can go shopping in downtown Nashville or Murfreesboro, visit places like the Parthenon or Frist Center, go to country music star museums, or enjoy nature at the park. And once you do all those things, you’ll be ready to do them all over again!

Sporting Events

If you’re a big sports fan, especially a Tennessee sports fan, you’ll love living in Middle TN where games are always happening all year round. You can see the Titans play football, the Predators play hockey, the Sounds play baseball, and on a collegiate level, local universities play football and basketball.

If you are wanting to build your dream home, we strongly suggest you consider building here in Middle TN. As one of the fastest growing cities in the country, the Nashville area is sure to only continue to grow in its splendor. Come be a part of the excitement and growth by planting your custom home in a city you’re sure to love.