What to Consider When Building a Custom Home With a View


Here in Murfreesboro, we are lucky to have a gorgeous outdoor landscape. From spacious fields, to beautiful neighborhoods, there’s so much to enjoy. When building a custom home, take advantage of that unique view! Instead of closing off your home to the world outside, leverage your floor plan and home design so you can enjoy the outdoor scenery and view each and every day.

Wide Open Spaces… And Windows

The beauty of building a custom home is the fact that you can arrange it to be however you want! With that said, imagine having a home with sprawling windows, allowing you to see your beautiful landscape every day.

Most homes utilize a few windows here and there, with maybe one large window towards the front or back of the home. This interior design practice eliminates any possibility of enjoying your landscape on a daily basis. Gigantic windows allow you to sit back and marvel at the great outdoors from inside the comfort of your own home.

Imagine having an unparalleled view of the sunrise or a rainstorm while reading a good book and sipping a cup of coffee, all inside your custom home. Breathtaking, isn’t it?

Also, don’t forget to tailor your floor plan to have spacious rooms around the view. Matching the depth of your room to that of the view will make the room seem larger and the view seem that much more magnificent.

Don’t Stifle the View

When designing your custom home around a landscape or view, you still need to consider the interior design. What if you have a large room with a gorgeous view of a farm, but the inside of the home looks dark and dismal? Consider the type of view you have and what design trends would match the ambiance.

For instance, if you had a beachfront home designed in accordance to the shoreline view, would you use tones of red, dark hues, and sharply designed décor? Most likely not. It wouldn’t vibe well with the view! Instead, you might use calming light colors with hints of blue. When you have a magnificent view, sometimes all you need is a simple interior design.

Think About the Room Facing the View

The layout of your home is one of the most crucial aspects the design and building process. When leveraging a landscape or view, you must consider the room facing the view. Many homeowners choose to have the kitchen, dining room or living room take advantage of the landscape due to the activities that go on in these rooms. When you have guests over, you don’t bring them to your home office to marvel at the appearance of the house. You bring them straight to the rooms that matter, such as the living room and kitchen.

Also, think about what you will be doing in these rooms. Just think about relaxing with a great movie while the sun sets right next to you over your gorgeous landscape. Now imagine that same scenario, but it’s in your home office. Not the same ambiance right? Choose the floor plan and layout of your custom home wisely if you plan on taking advantage of a stunning outdoor view.

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