Ways to Make Painting Your Custom Home Easier

When you move into your new custom built home, you’ll have the opportunity to paint the walls to match your personal interior decor and style. However, not many homeowners have professional painting experience and therefore may be a little worried about the outcome of their paint job. Don’t be nervous! Simply use these easy painting tips to make the experience a breeze.

Prepare Your Walls

Prior to beginning your painting project, you must make sure that your intended wall is completely prepared for the job. This includes filling in holes, cracks and imperfections, sanding, and more. If you skip this crucial step, your painted wall will look far less than visually appealing and could cause you a lot of stress in the long run. After everything is smoothed out, take the suction part of the vacuum to suck up any residue or dust on the walls. That way you won’t paint over anything and mess up the texture.

Add Tint to Your Primer

It may sound odd, but tinting your primer will actually create a better end result than a regular primer. It’s true. By simply adding a small bit of your top coat paint to your primer, you will improve the overall ability of the top coat paint to hide the primer.

Purchase An Extension Pole

This step is especially useful for homes with tall walls. When using a step ladder to reach higher areas, you subject yourself to a variety of potentially dangerous situations. From a wobbly step ladder to falling to the ground, it is best to simply avoid these possibilities and opt for an extension pole instead. Many stores sell a variety of extension pole lengths so you can find the perfect pole for your project and your personal height.

Have Plenty of Coverage on Your Floor

No matter how cautious you are, there will be drops of paint that could land on your floor. Accidents happen, but to avoid damaging your new floors, have plenty of plastic drop cloths in the area where you are painting to protect it from the paint ruining it. Thankfully, the product is cheap and easy to find so this won’t be a difficult process.

Wear Old Clothes

Painting your home does not call for getting dressed to the nines. Paint can ruin your clothes if you are not careful. Make sure when tackling a painting project you don’t wear your favorite items. If you do, you might risk the chance of spending hours trying to get stains out, if possible.

Choose the Perfect Color

Remember, although you can paint your walls as many times as you’d like, will you really want to continue repainting your home every time you find a new color you enjoy? Try to choose a color that not only fits your style and is timeless, but also that you’ll enjoy year after year.

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