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Holmes by Design focuses on one thing when it comes to home construction: what you want. Our homes are like no other, literally. We never build the same home twice, because each home is designed with the individual owner’s preferences, ideas, and lifestyle taken into account. We strive to build you a house you can truly call a home.


It was a great pleasure to find that the top liked posts on our facebook were images that exemplify what we strive for. These beautiful homes were liked by hundreds of fans, and we know the homeowners couldn’t be more proud to see others like their home as much as they do.


Most Liked Post


Our most liked post is of a house we completed in Lascassas, TN. It features a brick exterior with a covered patio and outdoor fireplace. Inside, it features hardwood floors, several walk-in-showers, and even a ceiling-mounted bathtub filler. Another unique feature is the large garage style sliding door that leads from the kitchen to the spacious patio. See for yourself.


Second Most Liked Post


The second most liked post is of a home we restored for the Burgess family. They had lost nearly everything in a house fire, and we were more than happy to build it back, piece by piece, just as it was. Your likes for this post are proof we did a job well done. Thanks.



Third Most Liked Post


It’s only natural that our third most liked post is a sneak peak of our most liked post. These were some early shots right when we were finishing up construction.


If you really like our work, please consider us when you’re in need of remodeling or looking to build your dream home. Nothing brings us more joy than knowing we’ve made your dream home a reality.