Things To Consider When Building a New Custom Home

things to consider when building a custom home

Is this your first time designing a new custom home? Below are five things to consider before you begin to build.

Closets and Storage

When building a custom home, it is important that there be a balance to the amount of storage space you provide and the size of your home. If there is too much space, you’ll be more likely to fill it with things that aren’t needed, and will be wasting space that could have been allocated to an actual living area. If there is too little storage space, there won’t be enough room for you to grow with your home. It is important that you determine how much storage space will be right for your home and your lifestyle.

Closets should be placed in the areas where they make sense (bedrooms, high-traffic hallways, mudrooms). In most instances the amount of space a walk-in closet provides isn’t necessary.

Ceiling Height

Ceiling height is an important thing to consider when building a custom home. What you choose to do in the regards to this can completely change the entire look and feel of a home. Take into consideration whether you want the ceiling to be consistently high, or if it will be of average height, eventually opening up to the height of an upper level. This is an important feature to determine before building your custom home.

The Less Exciting (But Necessary!) Spaces

While a laundry room is hardly the most exciting part of one’s new custom home, laundry is no doubt a necessary chore. When building a new home, consider where you’ll be placing your wash and dryer, seeing as they’re such an integral part of running a household. Do you want them located near or far from your home’s bedrooms? Will they be upstairs or downstairs? Think about if you’ll want to create a space surrounding them, with shelving and maybe even an area to line dry your clothes.

Think carefully about every room that you’ll have in your new home. Make sure you’ve included it in the floor plan with intention.

The Inclusion of Natural Light

Natural light is a desirable aspect of any home. Be sure to design accordingly in order to maximize the benefits of a naturally well-lit space.   

A Cohesive Floorplan

Although this may seem obvious, think of all of the homes you’ve seen where the floor plans make little to no sense… someone designed and built those, after all. Take the time to create your home’s layout in a way that makes sense and is up-to-date.

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