How To Stay Organized When Moving into Your New Home

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Organization goes a long way in making sure you make an easy transition into your new home. Here’s a few tips on how to stay organized and prioritize your unpacking.

Label Boxes

As your belongings begin to be stuffed into boxes, keep track of what is going into each one. Label what room it will go into, who it belongs to, and what it is (summer clothes, Barbies, winter shoes, wall decorations). Also, be sure to label the boxes on every side to make it easy for the person unloading and placing the box later.
Essentials should be packed last and marked well. Put them in different colored boxes or draw a brightly colored doodle on each of them—whatever it takes to make them stand out from the rest of your boxes. These are your survival boxes which will include things like bedding, towels, toiletries, cleaning supplies, medications, phone chargers, snacks, and garbage bags.

Use What You Have

If possible, avoid going to the grocery store during the last couple months leading up to your big move. Odds are, you have plenty of food stuffed in the corners of your freezer and back of your cabinets that you’ve forgotten about. Instead of packing boxes of food that will take up space, try to eat it all and plan a trip to the grocery store once you’re settled in your new home.


What you pack needs to go through a filter. If you’re looking at things you haven’t seen in years, it’s probably safe to throw away. Consider doing a yard sale to sell big items you can’t afford to move as well as toys and clothes your children have grown out of.

Bring Out the Sticky Notes

Before a single box gets opened, decide where you want things. Place sticky notes throughout each room to let people helping you unpack know where to lay the right boxes. If you labeled the boxes well, this process shouldn’t be a headache.

Rooms to Focus on First:


Kids are good at causing distractions which is the last thing you need while unpacking. If your kids are too young to help, unload some of their favorite toys to keep them from getting bored and from getting in your way.

Master Bedroom

Even if your house isn’t completely put together by Monday, you need to appear like you are. An unpacked bedroom will allow you to get ready for the day with ease and provide you with what you need to look your best.


If you did your sticky notes well, your kitchen supplies should already be in the right area. You can remove things as you need them and unpack the rest once your other priorities have been unpacked.

Rooms to Save for Last:


Only unpack the essentials like toilet paper, soap, and a hand towel. Any decorations can come later, and each individual should have their personal toiletries ready to unload from their survival box.

Living Room

Your big pieces like furniture will have likely been unloaded already by moving trucks. Decorations can be added later since they are not necessary to daily life.


This is where you should appreciate your labeling the most to find what is important. Unpack what you need to get started with daily business and continue throughout the week as needed.


Since the garage is mostly for storage anyways, this area of your home won’t be important to focus on. Just remember to keep your lawn mower and landscape tools toward the front and be mindful of where you store your labeled boxes.
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