Why You Shouldn’t Shy Away From Mixing Metal Finishes

Why You Shouldn't Shy Away From Mixing Metal Finishes

When it comes to home decorating (the more expensive kind, such as permanent fixtures) the majority of people tend to play it safe. With venturing outside the box, there’s always the risk of buyer’s remorse and ultimately, regret. These feelings would be especially disheartening in relation to something you’ve invested in for your home… you could end up having to look at something you dislike every day for years to come.  

Not all things that are considered “out of the box” for home decorating fall into this category, though. The way a trend sounds on paper may have some raising their eyebrows until they see it and their view completely changes. 

Mixed Metal in a Bathroom 

That’s a common reaction to mixed metal finishes, especially when implemented in modern day bathrooms. Many people are unsure of this trend, but we think once they see it, they’ll consider using it in their homes. 

Traditionally, people have chosen to stick with one metal finish per room for fear of creating something that clashes, but home decorating has taken on new heights today. Rules are meant to be broken, and mixing metal finishes in a bathroom is far from the most rebellious home decorating act. There are many ways this has been done in a subtle way while making a room more visually appealing. Below are some examples of mixed metal finishes and how they can be used together in a bathroom.

  • Nickel plumbing and lighting fixtures mixed with bronze cabinet pulls. 
  • Bronze sconces with nickel towel racks and plumbing hardware. 
  • A gold chandelier with nickel plumbing hardware. 
  • A metal bathtub (you could even get one that’s mixed metal: copper and nickel) and a contrasting light fixture. 
  • A bronze or gold mirror with nickel plumbing hardware. 

Holmes By Design

Are you interested in a bathroom that works mixed metal finishes into its design? Contact us today if you’re curious about this look or are planning a custom remodeling project for a bathroom in your home!