Pros and Cons to Living Outside of the City

When searching for where to plant your dream home, you are typically confronted with the big question: where do you want to build? Some builders have communities deep in the city, while others have more rural areas available. To help you decide where you want to build your custom home, we’ve put together a few pros and cons to compare rural from city life and point out some things you may not have thought of.

Pro: Homes are More Affordable

Homes in the country are more affordable for various reasons. First off, you don’t have to pay city taxes if you live in a rural area. Secondly, you can get more house for your money in the country than in the city since house and land prices go down the further out you go. And thirdly, you may be able to get a better loan for a house outside the city limits, easing the financial stress of a custom project.

Con: Your Social Life Is Nonexistent

Convincing people from the city to visit your country home can be difficult because of the long drive. On the flip side, it’s equally difficult for you to go to a home in the city because you don’t want to return home late. Plus, if you have pets in your home, you’d have to run home to let them out before you can enjoy yourself in the city after work hours. Of course, this is only a con if you value a social life. If you don’t, there’s no better excuse than living too far away.

Pro: Nature and Room to Breathe

One of the first things people notice when they move outside the city is how much more space there is. Since land is so much cheaper than in the city, you can have more of it, keeping houses from looking like they are piled on top of each other. Out in the country, you can actually have a yard where your kids can play and you can throw big barbecues. Plus, the lack of a city makes the night sky dark enough for you to actually see stars!

Con: You’re On Your Own

All of that nature and extra space may be fun but possibly only for a short time. The reason you can see stars at night now is because all those lights from restaurants and stores are miles and miles away. That means you probably won’t run out to grab a missing ingredient for dinner or follow a late night craving to a local restaurant. Being away from the city also means no pizza or food delivery, no trash pickup service, and low cell phone and TV reception. Are those things you want to live without?

Pro: No Traffic

Sacrificing a few things to be able to live in a traffic-free area just might be worth it. Driving one mile in the country can take a minute or two, while driving a mile in the city can take ten to fifteen minutes! Not to mention that there are very few traffic lights outside the city to cut into your drive time. So besides being able to drive more distance in less time, you’ll be able to feel much more relaxed and less stressed on the road.

Some of these benefits may seem like disadvantages to you, while some of the disadvantages may seem like benefits. With our influence aside, which of these points do you see as pros and cons? Your answers should help you make a decision between living in the city or living in a rural area. When you’ve decided, let us know so we can help you build your dream home in your dream location.