Pros and Cons of Glass Garage Doors Inside Your Home

For many people, a garage door is located in one area: the garage. However, recently there has been a new trend developing that gives garage doors a new purpose and location. Now the traditional vinyl garage doors have been given a glass makeover and open up to allow people not into the garage, but to places like a patio or even a pool! The modern trend has grown so popular that businesses are adopting the idea to host events such as live music sessions and more. By simply repurposing a common mechanic for something completely different gives a more fun and exciting feel to the home and overall experience.

While this makes a great addition to homes, it is wise to take a step back and consider all the benefits of having the glass garage door before having it installed. Take a look at both the pros and cons of having an industrial glass garage door placed in your custom home today.


Add Value to Your Home

As stated above, adding a glass garage door inside your home is quickly becoming the latest trend. Having this desirable feature in your own home can increase not only the appearance of your home but the value as well. You can even boost the value further by having the door insulated!

Provides Great Lighting and Fresh Air

With one of your walls completely taken down to essentially be replaced by a giant glass door, you will be sure to receive plenty of natural light into your home. For many, this is an added bonus and can be considered very pleasant. In some cases, the extra sunlight can even be considered as beneficial to your health! On top of that, when you roll up your door, you will have direct access to fresh air. Not to mention the beautiful view of the sun rising would make for the perfect morning!

You Can Host Amazing Events

It’s not a typical occurrence to look up from washing dishes only to see a live musical event only a few feet away. However, with the glass garage door installed inside your home, you can! You can now host special events in style that will have the entire neighborhood talking.


Added Expenses

Although repurposing something by placing it in a different location can be fun and exciting, it can also be tricky for your contractor. Installing a garage door in a non-typical location may not be a simple task, which could run the risk of construction problems. To add on top of that, depending on the location of your door, you may also be facing the possibility of having a higher utility bill from all the added airflow.

Could Create a Mess

When opening the door to the outdoors, you risk the chances of letting in bugs and debris into your home. Not to mention, if the garage door is not put down, you could have some uninvited guests roam inside.

Possible Safety Problems

Although glass doors look very beautiful, it may not provide the best protection from outsiders, animals, dangerous weather, and more. Before installing your glass garage doors, make sure that you are covered with your insurance company in case something were to ever happen to you and/or your home.

At Holmes by Design, we are very familiar with not only how to install glass garage doors, but also the best place to put them. Take a look at our gallery to see previous glass garage doors we have installed. And if you are ready for us to design your own, give us a call at 615-956-6991 today! We can create any custom look you desire.