Pantry Organization for The Cluttered Kitchen

pantry organization for the cluttered kitchen
No matter if your pantry consists of a few cabinets or is a walk-in for food and more, the area tends to be a place that gets disorganized– and fast! It’s no wonder, as we grab things and go. And the fact that its contents are behind closed doors allows us to be lazy… no one but family will know what a mess it is inside! But wouldn’t it make you feel so much better to get things organized when it comes to that space?

Sort Through Good and Bad

The first step to pantry organization is to look through your foods and rid your pantry of things that either have gone bad or that you know you won’t be eating. So much space is taken up by food that’s no longer fresh — we’ve all had that moment of biting into a stale cracker.
If you do have good food and no longer need it, don’t let it go to waste. Donate!

Use Containers

Things such as baking essentials and dry cereals stay fresh for longer and look great in designated containers. You can even get creative when it comes to their labels.

Add More To Create More

While this initially sounds counterintuitive, adding organizational trays, baskets, lazy susans, and more can create additional space within a pantry. These things can all be labeled and aid in the grouping of similar foods, making cooking and baking easier to navigate.

Group Tools With Ingredients

Just as we talked about grouping foods together, don’t forget about the kitchen tools you’ll use when it comes to preparing a dish. If your pantry permits, consider keeping things such as bowls, spoons, cake pans, muffin tins, and other baking essentials near your ingredients. When reorganizing, think intuitively to make space work for you and others in your family.
An organized pantry looks great and can help immensely when the time rolls around for you to bake or cook a meal. Don’t go another day without getting the mess in your pantry cleaned out.