Outdoor Living Ideas – How to Live In Luxury Outside

Outdoor living ideas to try at your custom home

It’s never too early to start planning an outdoor living addition to your home. While the weather might not be so inviting in the winter, it is the perfect time to start thinking about what you would like to see in your dream patio or deck area.

When you do start planning an outdoor living area, you need to always keep in mind how you will be using it. Are you looking to host some outdoor gatherings with large numbers of people? Are you looking to just have a cozy space to spend time with your family? Once you have established the purpose of your outdoor living area, you can start planning for features, and design elements.

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Here are some ideas to truly get the most out of an outdoor living area:

Outdoor Kitchen

It is very common in the present day to see people feature kitchen elements in their outdoor living spaces. The right builder will have the capability to bring everything you will need to your outdoor kitchen: grills, sinks, mini-refrigerators, and stovetops are all possible.

Outdoor kitchens are perfect for entertaining guests, as it gives you the chance to prepare a meal without leaving the party.

Fire Pit

One of the most popular additions you can make to your backyard is a fire pit. They are incredibly useful and can function as a warm area to relax or an entertaining way to prepare smores and hotdogs.

Fire pits also create an incredibly relaxing ambiance and atmosphere. They can either be gas-fueled or wood burning to fit your needs. Make sure you have ample seating around your fire pit; these features always attract a crowd!


You never want an outdoor living area to feel cramped. Always keep this in mind when you begin the designing portion of the project. Vast, open areas create a more comfortable space that allows you to truly relax and take in the outdoor atmosphere.

Remember that larger spaces will need additional features for comfort purposes, such as ceiling fans. Aside from keeping you breezy in the summer months, ceiling fans will also hold off pesky flying insects.

Custom Pergola

If you are looking to add a unique touch to your backyard, perhaps a custom built pergola is right for your home. Aside from designating a relaxing space, a pergola is an elegant and striking addition to your outdoor living space.

These structures are great for establishing a warm area to relaxing, take a comfortable seat, and get the most out of the gorgeous Middle Tennessee weather.

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While winter might not be the ideal period to spend time outdoors, it can serve as a great time to start planning your outdoor living area. Contact us at Holmes By Design to learn how to get started!