Mistakes to Avoid When Building a New Home

mistakes to avoid when building a new home

Although building a new home comes with a great deal of excitement, what you’ve been dreaming of could quickly turn into a nightmare if the following factors aren’t being taken into consideration. Take caution during the home building process and be sure to avoid these easily committed custom home blunders.

Overlooking the Benefits of Built-In Furniture  

During the process, new home builders may fail to realize the full potential of a custom built home. One of the many benefits of starting from the ground up is having the ability to include built-in furniture.

A common misconception is that built-in furniture will far exceed the cost of physical pieces, but in reality, a custom addition can end up falling around the same price.

Instead of having to worry about how your furniture will be arranged, take advantage of the fact that you have the ability to include usable and highly functional furniture in your space.

Forgetting About Potential Delays

Delays in the construction process are almost inevitable. The completion dates for projects are always rough estimates, after all. When building your home, don’t forget to accommodate for unexpected delays and remain flexible during the process. Remember, you’d rather have a well-built home that takes time, as opposed to one that has been thrown together suspiciously fast.  

Disregarding Balance

This applies to your home as well as your checkbook. Even the most thorough planner is bound to change at least one aspect of their home during the building process. If you decide to make a change to one area, be sure it’s not upping your allotted budget. To keep yourself in check, when adding more to one area, scale-back on another of less importance. Practice a little give-and-take to keep things within reason.  

Cutting Corners When It Comes to Cost

When building a home, as tempting as it may be for some, it’s important that corners aren’t cut. Whether this applies to a contractor, or the materials used to build your house, know that cutting corners to cut costs or time can have major repercussions.


Whether this applies to the size of your lot, it’s location or the price of a contractor and materials, never settle. It’s okay to follow a budget, but never okay to sacrifice quality when it comes to an investment as large as that of a custom home.