Is It Time to Move or Remodel? You Decide!

Is it time to move or remodel your Murfreesboro home?

After living in the same house for a long period of time, it’s natural to get bored of the layout, location, or appearance. But are you sure it’s in the best interest of you and your family to up and move to a completely new home? Or is it better to remodel your existing home to better suit your personal style preferences?

The answer truly lies in the situation of each person. Before diving into one decision or the other, take the time to think through your options and your current situation.

Is Moving In the Cards?

While it may be very tempting to move to a bigger and better home, or one in a more prominent location, don’t jump the gun just yet. You need to consider a multitude of situations and factors before making a large decision.

First and foremost, what is the current housing market like? Do you find that every other home in your town is up for sale? Or is it quite the opposite. Making the decision to move during a bad housing market can be challenging and costly. Instead of quickly putting up the “for sale” sign, take a good look at the local housing market and decide if it’s worth putting your house on the market.

Next, consider the location of your current home. How is the neighborhood doing? Is your house located in a convenient place in town? Is traffic becoming absolutely horrendous? The location of your home is a significant factor in deciding whether or not to move. If your current location is less than desirable for a variety of reasons, maybe it’s time to consider moving into a custom home built just for you!

The current situation of your family is one of the biggest, if not the most significant, factor in determining whether or not moving is a feasible option. Think about the status of your job and your partner’s job. Will moving to a new home drastically affect your employment status or job? What about your personal finances? Do you truly have the funds necessary to move to a new home or build your very own custom home? Do not make any decisions regarding a new home without looking over your finances!

Should you decide that moving is in the cards for your family, have you ever thought about building a custom home? A custom home allows you to live in a home that perfectly suits your appearance, layout, and location preferences. You can create the ideal home for you and your family by trusting the Holmes by Design team to build your custom home.

Perhaps Remodeling Your Home is a Better Option

If moving just isn’t the best option for your family at this current point in time, you always have the option of remodeling your home to suit your needs and appearance desires.

Just like with the decision to move to a new home, you have much to consider when starting a remodeling project, too!

Before knocking down a wall or adding a new room to your home, you should determine if this remodeling adventure will add value to your home. If not, it may not be a smart idea to continue on. If this is the case, find other remodeling projects you can complete that will increase your home’s value. Remodeling popular rooms such as the kitchen, master bedroom, and master bathroom with the latest and greatest styles and technology will certainly increase the value of your Murfreesboro home!

Also, look at your schedule for the next couple of months — this will dictate if you and your family have the time for a significant remodeling project. Remodeling projects can take quite a bit of time, especially if they are more extensive than simply replacing the cupboards or light fixtures. Be sure to allow several weeks (and/or months depending on the size of your project) of chaos in your home to ensure that your home renovation project goes as smooth as possible!

Your finances will also need to be analyzed before picking up a hammer and getting to work. A remodeling project can be just as costly as moving to a new home. You will need to have a budget that dictates how much you are willing to spend on certain aspects of a remodeling project. Be sure to find a team like Holmes by Design of Murfreesboro, TN who will honor your budget and still provide the highest of renovation value and quality!

Rely on Holmes by Design for Your Custom Home or Remodeling Project

Whether you are in need of a brand new custom home tailored to your needs or are looking for Murfreesboro’s top home remodeling company to help you with your project, you can rely on the team at Holmes by Design. We’re known for our attention to detail, commitment to clients, and passion for custom homes and remodeling. To receive additional information about our services and capabilities, call us today at 615-956-6991.

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