Is It Time to Move On from Your Bathtub?

Is it time to move on from your bathtub?

Bathroom remodeling trends are showing more and more homeowners opting to leave the time-honored bathtub out of their plans completely. If you are planning a bathroom remodel, you might be faced with the same decision: is it time to ditch the tub?

The usefulness of your bathtub depends solely on your lifestyle. Bathtubs certainly aren’t for everyone, but getting rid of it completely might have some unforeseen implications.

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Who Uses Your Tub?

The first step in deciding whether you or not you should get rid of your bathtub is to determine its usefulness. This differs from household to household and is mostly affected by the presence of young children

Parents strongly prefer to bathe their kids in a bathtub rather than a shower. This is for a few reasons, but mostly because it is seen as a safer option and the only plausible way to bathe a child that cannot stand on their own. For this reason, bathtubs do make practical sense for homeowners with young children.

If you do not have kids, a bathtub still might be needed – even if you personally do not take baths. You must keep in mind those who might visit you in the future and if they would require a bathtub.

Resale Value Implications

Another common concern people have with any remodeling project is how it will affect their home’s resale value. It is common sense that anything that would reduce the value of a home should be avoided, but sometimes a homeowner can be unsure which effect a remodel can have.

Bathtubs have been around a very long time and people have grown accustomed to their presence. It is to be expected that some folks might be wary of purchasing a home that does not feature a bathtub at all.

That’s not to say that it will always lower a home’s resale value, however. It largely depends on where you are located and what kind of market you are in. If you are in a seller’s market with high demand for housing, lack of a bathtub is much less likely to hurt your home’s value.

What Will You Replace It With?

If you are unfamiliar with the trend of bathrooms without a bathtub, you might be wondering how people are staying clean!

Well, the most popular substitute by far is the walk-in shower. For both design and practical reasons, the walk-in shower is skyrocketing in popularity. Showers use much less water, which will help cut down on utility bills over time. “Doorless” showers are becoming incredibly popular because of their elegant looks and accessibility for those who might have trouble climbing into a tub.

While families with young children will be more inclined to search out a home with a bathtub, there are ways to safely bathe kids in a walk-in shower. The most popular option is small, portable bathtubs that allow your child to sit down without resting on the tile.

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