How to Prepare for a Harsh Winter Storm

How to Prepare for a Harsh Winter Storm

As people who live in Middle Tennessee already know, snow storms are very much a possibility in the winter time. These storms can quickly turn hazardous as snow and ice accumulate, rendering roads unsafe for use and leaving you stuck inside your house for a period of time.

It’s never too early to start preparing for winter storms, but you always want to make sure you’re squared away by the time you reach the heart of the winter season. Winter storms are generally forecasted and seen coming in advanced, but the severity of the storm can intensify in an instant.

Here are some essential steps to take to prepare your home and family for a harsh winter storm:

Get Ready for the Lights to Go Out

In particularly nasty snow storms it is highly likely that your home will be affected by a power outage. In the event you do lose power, you need to be prepared.

Candles and flashlights with plenty of batteries are essential items to have on hand. Lack of power means no lamps or overhead lights, so getting around the house can be very difficult with illumination. Hand crank lights and lanterns are great for storm prep kits because they don’t require batteries at all!

The Power Is Out – Now What?

Losing power means more than just losing lights and lamps.

Having a fireplace is a great alternative heat source for when the power goes out, just make sure you have plenty of firewood stored in a dry place.

Choose a main gathering room, preferably one in the middle of the house near the kitchen, and try to keep doors to other rooms shut at all times to help centrally trap the heat. Fill the cracks beneath doors with towels to further help keep warm air from escaping into those rooms.

Also, make sure you have plenty of blankets on hand!

Prepare Your Home

When you know a snow storm is on the way, you can take steps to “winterize” your home to protect it from the elements that will arrive shortly.

Grab some caulk from the neighborhood hardware store and go to work filling in all the cracks around window and door frames. Even the smallest crack can allow a great deal of precious warm air to seep out into nature. You want to trap all the warm air inside your house when a snow storm hits!

Another pivotal step to take before the storm arrives is something you might have forgotten to do earlier in the season: wrap your pipes.

Snow requires freezing temperatures, and freezing temperatures can freeze any water that is standing in your pipes. This newly frozen water can expand and burst the pipes. A burst pipe is the last thing you want to have to deal with after a brutal snow storm.

Wrapping pipes in insulated materials can prevent this from happening and is really a simple process to prevent a major headache.

Custom Home Middle Tennessee

When you await an approaching snow storm in your custom home in Middle Tennessee, make sure your home and your family are ready!

Holmes by Design is here to help you build the perfect home to wait out a snow storm in. Get in touch with us today to learn more!