Getting Your Home Ready for School

It’s that time of the year again! School buses are getting started back up, classrooms are being decorated, and you are hitting all the sales for back-to-school clothes. While you have the basics covered like making sure your child gets a new backpack and colorful pencils, is your house ready to take on the new school year as well? Listed below are a few things you need to consider to get your house organized and back in shape for school.

Spacious Kitchen

If you are the type of parent that likes to take time in the morning to prep your kid’s lunch, you might run into some issues with counter space, especially if you have multiple kids. Having a large enough counter space or even an island designated for prepping purposes may help make your time go by a little easier. This way you have all the room you need to make those master lunches your kids adore.

The Benefits of Cubbies

With large hallways or even mudrooms in your home, you can install the ultimate organizing device: cubbies. Cubbies can be used for a number of things, but their main use is to make your life easier. Use them to organize shoes, sports gear, and more all around the house. When your children have their own area to put things, you won’t have to worry about tripping over loose items anymore.


With school expanding your child’s vocabulary, tons of books are to follow. Make sure your home has enough space to store the books your child may bring home. While built-in bookshelves can add to your homes appearance, it can also be useful for storing your children’s books they collect for educational or recreational purposes. If you child is a booklover, they adore their own library.

Homework Area

Let’s face it, with school comes tons of homework. And when that time comes, you will want to be prepared. With that being said, make sure your home has an area made specifically for homework purposes.This way they know that when they go there, work is to be done. Give them their own comfortable desk that they can do their work at and make sure it’s in a spot where they will focus. Having their area located where a television is around may not be the best area. Instead, go for a more secluded area with fewer distractions. For added fun, ask your child how they would like the area designed so they get excited about having their own space, even if it is for a not-so-fun but important task.

Make Use of Your Mudroom

Your mudroom is typically the first place your children enter after coming home from school; therefore, it takes a lot of damage. Turn your mudroom into a neat drop zone by organizing it in a way that it can easily take the load. Consider designating an area for each person to drop their things off, such as backpacks and lunchboxes, along with any other areas that might help with organizing school materials, such as permission slips and school newsletters. Take advantage of having small, built-in organizational units in this area for your kids to kick off their shoes after a long day, or even for yourself. And don’t forget to put down a rug on your hardwood floors so your kids don’t get it messy!

A Place to Wind Down and Start Up

The bedroom is where your child will begin and end their day, so make sure it is ready for the school year. It should provide comfort after their hard work but at the same time get them ready to take on another day. Some things to consider are making sure that your closet is spacious enough to have their outfits organized and that there is enough space in the room for them to get up and moving around.

Stay On Track

Staying on track and on task is mandatory for a household that is going back to school. One easy way to do this is by repurposing one of your walls as a chalkboard calendar. You can even include announcements and reminders all throughout the week for your family to see. This way you will always be on top of school events, assigned homework, and more!

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