First Thing’s First – How to Prioritize Your Home Renovation

Home Renovation in Murfreesboro, TN

There is more to home renovation than meets the eye…

You must decide on whether or not to embark on a remodeling project in the first place, and from there, prioritize the projects you’d like to accomplish.  What many clients struggle to realize is that they can’t do it all. It’s easy to get caught up in absolutely everything you think needs an update in your home.

Homeowners should know that home renovation is a process – if only remodeling was something that delivered instant gratification… If this were the case, more people would take on the challenge.

Hard work takes time. If you want the job done well, you’re going to have to dedicate a significant amount to the planning process before things go underway. Really give it thought. As stated above, prioritization is key.

Common Home Renovation Mistakes

There are mistakes clients make repeatedly when planning a home renovation.

One of these typical remodeling mistakes is planning too many projects at once. You shouldn’t spread yourself too thin as this can lead to the temptation to cut corners, which is definitely a no-no when it comes to something as important as renovating your home. In terms of remodeling, depth is greater than breadth.

Another common mistake linked to the one above is the desire to completely gut the inside of your home. It’s easy to start on a project that is seemingly small, that unintentionally leads the homeowner deeper and deeper down a path until they’re rampantly removing everything, with no plan of action. Maybe that sounds a bit extreme, but it’s a problem that’s more common than you would imagine.

Think about how easy it is to get really wrapped up in a project you’re really passionate about. Now apply that to home renovation and you may be able to see how things could quickly go awry. There are many ways you can combat this problem. Work hard to work around elements that don’t need an update. Give your homes’ unique quirks a fresh pair of eyes – someone else may be able to see the worth in an element you wanted to destroy, whilst renovation crazy.

When remodeling, another thing to keep in mind is not to bee too trendy in terms of updates. Try to stay true to the style your home already possesses, and create a classic renovation meant to last. You don’t want to spend time on something you’ll regret in anywhere from a few months to a few years. Don’t let your short-term, trendy, ambitions trump what will add value to your home in the years to come.

What’s Most Important?

When it comes to making home renovations, there is no one right answer to the question posed above. The answer varies from home to home, and relies heavily on the homeowners’ lifestyle. They alone will be able to best judge where a renovation is needed, based on how they interact with their home.

Focus on the rooms you use most often or areas that are significantly damaged or outdated. Bring a remodeling professional in to speak with you about where they see your home needing improvement and you can come to a common ground when it comes to renovating your home in the greatest way possible.

Whether you choose to update your master bedroom or transform your dining room, set your sights on what is important first — rather than adding 1,000 unnecessary little projects onto your list.

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