Everything You’ll Need for Your Custom Butler’s Kitchen

Considering adding a Butler's Kitchen to your Murfreesboro home? Call Holmes!

We’ve all encountered this scenario at one point or another:

You have a dinner party with several guests. No matter if they are your business partners, co-workers, friends or family members, you don’t want your house to look like a complete mess. At the same time, you have to prepare a massive meal. How do you prepare your meal without your home looking like a chaotic mess?

The answer is simple: a butler pantry!

Also known as a butler’s kitchen, it is a unique area that allows you to prepare your entire meal without messing up the main kitchen. Many families are beginning to incorporate butler kitchens into their custom homes across Middle Tennessee. Will you take part in this trend?

If so, you’ll need the following for a top-notch butler’s kitchen. Then again, it’s your custom home, so you can technically have whatever you want!

Adequate Storage

The entire purpose of the butler’s pantry is to ensure that your main kitchen and dining area are pristine for your guests. Therefore, you need to have the perfect amount of storage for your pots, pans, supplies, appliances and more. Many homeowners choose to add drawers, cabinets and other storage supplies in accordance with the interior design.

An Interior Design You Love

Remember, this is your custom home — it can look however you want! That includes the interior design of your butler kitchen. Whether you enjoy a rustic look or a modern elegance, make sure you take the time to incorporate an interior design you absolutely love.

There’s nothing worse than having a butler pantry without colors on the wall, decorations, or anything! While the purpose of the room is to separate the preparation from the main kitchen, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look beautiful.

Gorgeous and Functional Lighting

In a butler’s kitchen, lighting is key! On top of adding to your interior design, the lighting helps to improve your cooking productivity. For your safety, make sure that your choice of lighting allows you the ability to see everything you are doing in your butler’s kitchen.

A Renowned Custom Home Builder On Your Side

Whether you plan to remodel your home or add a butler’s kitchen to your new custom home, you need a professional on your side. Holmes by Design in Murfreesboro, Tennessee is the region’s choice for home remodeling and building. Contact us today to learn more about adding a butler’s pantry to your home.