The Essential Tasks for a Successful Spring Cleaning

As spring arrives, we’re reminded of all the chores one typically does at the turn of the season. Although spring cleaning often sounds daunting, it doesn’t have to get done in one day. There are many ways to break up the chores — getting them done on an efficient timeline that doesn’t overwhelm the rest of one’s schedule. 

This is in no way a comprehensive list because people’s spring cleaning tasks vary depending on how they care for their homes during the rest of the year. Below are some of the main chores everyone should do to freshen their homes for the season.  

Begin by Tidying 

If there’s a mess you’ve been hoping to tackle, start there. Take care of things that are out in the open as well as things that are a part of your usual cleaning habits. By getting most of your home in place, you can begin on bigger spring cleaning tasks without distraction. By tidying first, you’ll dedicate all of your focus on other tasks at hand which will make the whole process more efficient.  

Wash Your Linens

Once tidying is complete, a good place to begin is on your home’s linens. In bedrooms, strip the beds and wash everything. Most everything should be machine washed and tumble dried. Wash your duvet inserts and pillows in hot water. 

Don’t forget about washing curtains in each room, blankets that are lying around, pillows on couches, and slip covers if your couches or chair cushions have them. Spot clean where applicable and vacuum these linens as well.

Open the Windows

A wonderful part of spring is the air. Freshen your home by opening the windows to allow for air circulation. If you don’t leave your window screens in year round, now is a great time to put them back in so you can enjoy the spring weather. 

Window screens should be cleaned once a year. You can clean them gently while they are still in your windows but for a more thorough cleaning, it’s recommended they be removed. 

Dust and Vacuum 

Window sills, fan blades, lamps, shelves, crown molding, and more. Now is the time to dust all of the areas we tend to overlook when performing our regular cleaning tasks.

If you have carpets that need to be tended to, vacuum or even invest in a deep cleaning service (you don’t have to do all of your spring cleaning alone).

Make Room for the New 

As you clean different areas of your home, be sure to get rid of things you no longer need. When cleaning your closet and switching out seasonal items, create a pile for clothing donations and/or hand-me-downs. When looking through your bathroom, if there are good cosmetics you no longer use, such as shampoos and conditioners, these can often be donated as well. Do the same as you go through your kitchen — toss expired goods and create a donation pile for non-perishables you won’t be using.