Design the Best Custom Nursery for Your Home With 3 Easy Suggestions

Build a Custom Nursery for Your Home

Welcoming a baby boy or baby girl into this world is one of the most amazing things you can experience in a lifetime. The excitement leading up to the event is a one of a kind feeling and meeting your child for the first time is an unparalleled emotion.

However, before all of this can happen, you need to prepare your home for your new baby boy or girl. The first step is to create a unique and comfortable nursery for your child. Try out these nursery ideas and elements in your Murfreesboro, TN home.

Choose the Perfect Color Palate for Your Child

The key to creating the ideal nursery for your newborn child is in the color. Your choice of colors and color combinations can make or break the entire nursery atmosphere. Each color elicits a specific emotion:

  • Red — A passionate and exciting color that should be used as an accent rather than as the main color.
  • Orange — A comforting color that elicits a warm environment. Choose darker shades for a cozy feeling, and lighter shades for a modern atmosphere.
  • Yellow — This color emits a lively energy, but too much of the color is incredibly agitating.
  • Green — As a calm color, green is hard to go wrong with!
  • Blue — Blue is a soothing color, but be cautious about using certain shades and tints — too gray of a blue can draw out sad feelings.
  • Purple — Classically, purple means royalty, but it can also display mystery and elegance. Any version of purple will work well in a nursery!
  • White — While this color traditionally means innocent and clean, you also want to steer clear of a completely white room. Plus, white can stain easily
  • Pink — A feminine color, pink is commonly used in a baby girl’s room, but can be also used to achieve a calming environment.
  • Gray — If you’re looking for an elegant look, gray is a good option when used with pops of color. Too much gray can be depressing and dreary.
  • Brown — Parents looking for a more earthy environment will benefit from using brown colors sparingly.
  • Black — Black is a powerful color, so be sure to use it solely as an accent color.


Add Flare to Your Nursery With Cute Wall Decals

Unless you are a seasoned artist or a DIY machine, you might have a difficult time stenciling out cute animals or designs on your nursery wall — and that’s only the first step. Instead of finagling with artistic projects, use a wall decal to liven up the room.

From animals, to patterns, to letters, the possibilities are endless with wall decals. You can spell out your child’s name, add some pizzazz to a room with a whimsical design, or pull the entire room together with a simple wall decal. Try using these decals for inspiration!


Personalize Your Custom Nursery

With so many DIY options, decor, and products available online for your nursery, it can become a bit overwhelming. Certain design options may be “in”, while others are considered “retro”. Don’t fall victim to the endless options! Instead, make your child’s nursery personalized to match the dynamic of your family, your favorite colors, and anything that makes you and your baby feel right at home.



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