5 Commonly Asked Bathroom Remodeling Questions


Congratulations! You’ve made the awesome decision to remodel your bathroom. It’s an exciting time, but naturally you’ll have hundreds of questions about the process, your layout options and more. Holmes by Design in Murfreesboro, Tennessee has assisted several homeowners across the area with their bathroom remodeling needs and has all the answers to your questions.

Q: Will Adding a Tub to My Master Bathroom Affect My Resale Price?

A: Your house is your home, for now at least. If you want to add a luxury tub to your master bathroom, go for it! Tubs provide essential relaxation and an escape from the everyday world. For homeowners who either are not interested in having a tub in their master bathroom, or are still worried about the resale value of their home, there is a wide variety of spacious, spa-like shower styles available for your newly remodeled bathroom.

Q: What Aging in Place Styles or Layout Options Are Available for My Bathroom?

A: Many homeowners either plan to stay in their current home for a long period of time, or have elderly family members living with them. With this in mind, it is important to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project does not hinder the lifestyle of your young children or elderly family members. From stylish grab bars to customized shower curbs, the aging in place options for your bathroom are endless. Most homeowners are choosing to add options such as a hand-held showerhead for smaller children, immobile elderly adults and even for washing your pets!

Q: What Are Some Current Trends for Bathroom Remodeling Projects?

A: One of the most prominent trends we encounter is the freestanding tub. It is a stylish option that not only portrays elegance, but also adds a bit of flare to your bathroom. It’s a different, but also modern, option for your newly redesigned bathroom.

Also, many homeowners are opting for a completely customized closet. The standard closets that come with most homes do not necessarily meets the needs of the average adult or homeowner. With a closet customized to your lifestyle, you’ll have the ability to easily organize everything in your bathroom and still have plenty of room for more amenities!

Lastly, several homeowners are requesting framed mirrors instead of the standard big plate style. These trends could be part of your newly remodeled bathroom when you contact Holmes By Design today.

Q: With My Newly Remodeled Bathroom, How Do I Remove Steam?

A: Bathrooms with poor ventilation experience a gross mildew build up around and along the ceiling. Our remodeling team works with the homeowners to create and implement a proper and effective ventilation system designed to efficiently remove steam from your bathroom.

Q: How Can I Create Space for More In My Bathroom?

A: Another common bathroom trend is to add a granite vanity top with an under mount sink. With the vast space this creates, you can add a linen closet or anything else your heart desires.

Ready to get started on your bathroom remodeling project? Call Holmes By Design today to learn more about our remodeling services and how we can help you design the bathroom you’ve been dreaming of.