A Green Thumb (And Roof!) Can Make Your Home Energy Efficient

A Roof Top Garden Can Drastically Reduce Your Energy Bills

Rooftop gardens often give homes a luxurious look and feel, but did you know that they can serve a greater purpose than merely aesthetic? “Green roofs” can cut a significant amount of costs from your energy bill throughout the entire year.

Green Roofing

The roof of a home is extremely susceptible to heat loss during the winter, as well as heat absorption under the summer sun. The insulation a green roof provides helps to control the temperature inside of a home, allowing you to go easier on your AC unit during the hot Tennessee summers. Not only can you save money, but you’re reducing the carbon emissions that come from cooling and heating your home, while simultaneously giving it a look that will stand out among the rest.

Green roofs can house anything from garden vegetables to natural lichens and grasses that easily thrive in the climate where your home is situated. A common misconception is that green roofs are difficult to maintain, but with the correct installation and a proper choice of plants, they should be able to take care of themselves and more importantly, your home and wallet.

Plant a Tree

If a green roof seems out of reach, consider planting a tree to lower energy costs. If correctly placed outside of a window, within a few years a tree can provide your home with a cooling shade in the summer months while also allowing sunlight to shine through its bare branches in the winter. Simple manipulation of where the sun is hitting your home can have positive effects on both the temperature inside as well as your energy bill.

Cutting Your Custom Homes’ Energy Bill

There are many creative ways to decrease your energy bill by making your custom home more efficient. If your current home permits or you’re looking to cut energy costs with a new custom home, consider adding a green roof to your design. Holmes by Design in Murfreesboro, TN can get you started on a unique project today.