A Cool Movie Theater for Those Brutally Hot Summer Days

A Cool Movie Theater for Those Brutally Hot Summer Days
The amazing thing about a custom built home is your ability to add whatever you want to it, all depending on your interests and how you prefer to spend your time. No matter what it is you’d like a bonus room for, they’re typically meant for an activity you enjoy. One popular bonus room option is a home theater — it’s great for all seasons, and especially useful during the Middle Tennessee summer, when it’s just too hot to go outside. A cool, dark theater could be just what your home needs.  

The Benefits of a Home Theater

It’s Great for Hosting

Do you love hosting people and providing the entertainment? A home theater is sure to impress both young and old. If you’ve got a big screen and great sound system, your place will be where friends and family like to spend time, whether the theater’s being used to celebrate a birthday or to watch the big game.   

You Can Make it Your Own 

A great thing about a home theater is that you can have the big screen movie experience paired with your own style. Add fun art on the walls, your favorite comfy pieces of furniture, a decked-out station for preparing snacks and drinks, and more. When it comes to design, don’t be afraid to give this bonus room some flair. 

Cool off from the Summer Heat 

If the heat and humidity are getting to you this summer, and you have the extra space, why not consider adding a movie theater to your home? It’ll be the perfect place to chill — air conditioning, the lights out, an ice cold drink, and your favorite film playing… what could be better?  

Holmes by Design

Are you ready for the perfect summer home addition or room remodel? Holmes by Design is more than up for the challenge of creating a home theater for you and your family. From making sure the room is equipped with the best elements for sound quality, to adding structural intricacies that will make the Holmes by Design room/home unique, consider discussing a home theater project with us today.