Designing an Office for Two

Before you ever start designing your office, discuss office rules with the person you’ll be sharing this space with. You both need to understand each other’s expectations for lighting and noise level. One may like lamps only, while the other prefers lamps and overhead light combined. One may blare music on speakers, while the other prefers either silence or headphones. Once these differences are discussed, you can feel confident in planning an office for two. Here are some aspects to consider when designing your office.

Are You Working Independently or Together?

If you are both working as a team, a shared office shouldn’t be a big problem as far as space is concerned. You’ll need to be close together for discussions and can share one large desk. But if you are each working independently, your desks would best be arranged facing opposite directions to avoid distraction and far away enough that you won’t be backing up into each other every time someone moves or gets up. Extra space will also help keep volume down if one person has to make a phone call.

What Kind of Lighting Do You Prefer?

Let the person who needs more light to arrange their desk by the window and allow space for lamps. If you both need light, try sharing the wall with the window. For less light, consider the corner that gets the least amount of light or look for options like curtain dividers that can block light from your space.

How Much Storage Do You Need?

If a painter and a writer were to share an office, the painter would likely be the one to need more storage space than the writer. Painters have paints, brushes, and large canvases while a writer may have only a few notebooks. Consider the supplies each person will need and how often they will need to access them when deciding how many shelves or cabinets to install and where to place them. You don’t want to get in each other’s way every time you need something.

What’s Your Comfort Level?

Not everyone needs a desk and chair to work. A beanbag or a rug could be enough. Consider splitting your space in half by creating a cozy nook to read or write in while maintaining a more professional space with a small desk and chair to use as needed.

Customizing Your Look

If you’re trying to decide how to design your home office, our team at Holmes by Design can help by working with you to decide what arrangement will work best with your lifestyle and needs. Contact us today to get started.