6 Things Homebuyers Don’t Anticipate Buying When Moving Into a New Home

6 Things Homebuyers Don’t Anticipate Buying When Moving Into a New Home

A home isn’t your only expense when you choose to custom-build… or buy a home in general. While these expenses aren’t all necessary, this is a list of things home buyers tend to purchase after moving into their new custom home.


Furniture is on the top of the list of things people buy after settling into their new home. With a custom-built home, you now have the exact floor plan you’ve always dreamed of. But odds are, that new floor plan looks nothing like your old or current home, which means your furniture may just not work well in a new setting. While you can make coffee tables or end tables work, you may end up needing to buy new sofas, love seats, or entertainment systems. And even if your old furniture does work, who’s to say you’ll still like them in your new home? Some people prefer to have a fresh start on everything and buy new furniture for the sake of having something new.

Window Coverings

Unless you thought ahead of time and decided to have all your windows the same size in your custom home as in your old home, you’ll find that your current window shades or curtains don’t fit your new windows. Also, you may just want new ones. Most people like to decorate with new colors, and your old curtains may no longer match. Same goes for any other living room accessories you may have.


This is definitely more of a preference thing, but it does happen. People end up wanting to completely start over with their dishes and other themed kitchenware they may have, whether that’s a color scheme or a pattern. When you finally have the kitchen you’ve always dreamt of, you’ll discover the desire to have your dream kitchenware to match!

Bathroom Items

Since your current bathroom items may not be in good enough condition to carry over into a new home, you may want to get new ones such as a shower curtain liner, bath mats, and any shower mats or drain covers. And again, the theme of your bathroom decor may change once you have a different bathroom layout or even more bathrooms than you had before.

Office Items

With a custom home, you will probably find yourself with either a better or bigger office than before, if you even had an office space previously. This is your time to make your new office your own by getting the large desk and filing cabinet you’ve always dreamed of having. Plus you can get a large bookshelf to store any books, papers, and notebooks.


If you lived in an apartment before or somewhere that just wouldn’t have been suitable for a pet, having a new custom home is the time to finally get that pet! And most pets will require a bed and plenty of toys to play with.

Even though most of these things aren’t items you HAVE to buy, they are things we see many new homeowners end up wanting to purchase. The important thing to remember is to make sure you don’t go overboard with your spending and to just have fun accessorizing your new home!