6 Signs You Should Fire Your Custom Home Builder

When building your custom home, you have to be sure that everything is done correctly. Not only do they have to bring your dream design to life, but it must be within code as well. That is why finding a contractor is no easy feat. You must take your time when searching for the right contractor before you consider hiring them to build your house. There are ways to tell if they will be the perfect fit, or if you should avoid them. Take a look at some of the signs that may indicate you should look elsewhere.

They Don’t Provide Testimonials or References

A home builder who is proud of their work will want potential clients to see reviews from past projects they’ve done. If you can’t find any trace of a review, they are probably hiding something and know that any reviews would ruin their chances of getting new clients.

They Don’t Have a Company Website

No matter how small a home builder’s business is, they should have some sort of online presence to establish their credibility. Ideally, they should have a professional website to represent them, but at least an official Facebook page with information and images of their work should exist.

They Can’t Provide Proof of Insurance

Contractor’s insurance is meant to cover damage to your home during the building process, as well as for the workers during construction. If your home builder doesn’t have insurance, you run the risk of having a big problem on your hands.

They Ask for a Large Deposit

If your home builder asks for either a high or low deposit on the project, something is likely off, especially if they ask for cash. While asking for cash isn’t illegal, you won’t have a record of the transaction should anything go wrong. A typical deposit should fall around the 15% level and definitely no more than 33%. If that bid is high, you might want to question their credit and therefore quality. If the bid should fall low, you might expect them to take shortcuts that result in a low quality product.

They Are Pushy

Building a new home is a long process. If your builder is constantly pushing you to do something that makes you feel uncomfortable or make rash decisions, you need to move on from them. A rushed, hurried process will deliver a hurried product that leaves you with regrets.

They Are Loose with Permits

Permits are an important part of the homebuilding process to ensure you won’t be asked to remove your home from the property, the work is up to code, and that you will be able to sell it in the future. Since they are in place to protect you, permits should always be obtained before the planning and building process begins.

Don’t let a bad home builder ruin your dream home by building with shoddy materials or overcharging you to pocket some extra money. Instead, find security by making sure you are sticking with professionals who are licensed. We’ll build your home the right way by showing you references from past clients, ensuring permits are in place, and letting you take your time to feel confident in your decisions.