6 Holiday Theme Ideas to Decorate Your Home This Christmas

Christmas decorations aren’t something that can be taken lightly. For one, they usually stay up for at least a month. And second, and most importantly, they set the mood for the whole holiday. So what mood will you set for Christmas this year? Here are
a few ideas to get you started.

Theme 1: Candy Cane Forest

One of the most iconic Christmas candies is the red and white peppermint candy cane. If you’re looking for a bright and cheerful way to decorate, consider a candy cane theme. Your colors would consist of red and white/silver and can also include teal
for a color pop that will add to the cool minty theme. For wrapping paper, think simple. You can choose either red and white striped paper or plain white paper that will allow the details to be added in the red bows. To enhance the peppermint theme,
you can even tuck some candy canes or other red Christmas candies in package bows. For the Christmas tree, consider doing a white tree this year with red ornaments and skirt. Or, if you like the traditional green tree, find some red, white/silver, and
teal ornaments and bows.

peppermint tree
peppermint wreath
peppermint table decor
peppermint candles

Theme 2: Winter Wonderland

A winter wonderland has the potential to be elegant, cozy, and inviting at the same time. Colors would include blue and silver to give an icy appearance. You might even think “Elsa’s ice palace” if you’re struggling for inspiration. Either a white or
light blue tree would pair with the theme, while a green tree can still work with the right ornaments. Incorporate wintery touches by using icicles, crystal, and glass decor.

winter wonderland living room
winter wonderland wreath
winter wonderland stocking

Theme 3: White Christmas

This theme is very similar to a Winter Wonderland but with subtle differences that can make a big difference on the mood it sets. When picturing a White Christmas theme, think of a softer version of Winter Wonderland. Instead of icicles, think fluffy
white snow. Rather than blue, think all white. Despite the fact that a white Christmas is almost unheard of in the South, a few decorations indoors can trick your mind into believing it could happen. All you have to do is make everything white and snowy.
Start with white decorations and keep in mind the existence of snow spray. If you find a decoration you’d like to add to your home such as pinecones or a green garland, spray them with snow spray to give the appearance of a fresh snowfall. You can even
do this to your Christmas tree for a woodsy, snowy atmosphere. And don’t forget to add some cotton along the floor to look like hills of snow!

white christmas living room
white christmas mantle

Theme 4: Silver and Gold

If you can’t choose between silver and gold, choose both! They are the perfect classy pair and can create an elegant atmosphere for your home. As you can guess, your colors would be silver and gold in any format. From your ornaments, blankets, throw pillows,
stockings, and wreaths, everything should be gleaming with silver and gold accents.

silver and gold living room
silver and gold wreath
silver and gold tree

Theme 5: We Believe in Santa Claus

The best theme for a home with smaller kids is a Santa Claus theme to help them believe in the magic of Christmas. Whether that is by making your home resemble the North Pole or by making it look like Santa himself decorated, either approach will say
“we believe” to anyone who walks in. With this theme, you can go all out with traditional Christmas decorations. For the color, focus on the iconic Santa Claus red that pairs well with white fur. Top your tree with a Santa hat, wrap red ornaments with
black “belt buckles,” hang sleigh bells from stockings, and display a “We Believe” banner. For the finishing touch, have a designated spot decorated for Santa’s Christmas cookies!

santa living room

Theme 6: Farmhouse Country Christmas

Whether you live on a farm or not, Farmhouse Country Christmas is a common theme used in the South. Your color and pattern would consist of a lot of red plaids and be paired with cute wood decorations such as animal carvings. Key decorations are going
to be flannel, burlap, wood, and reindeer. If you find something that looks rustic and Christmas-y, it’s bound to fit the theme!

country tree skirt
country tree base
country stocking

How to Accomplish a Theme

Setting a theme to your home isn’t hard as long as you make a game plan. First, choose your theme. Think about what you value in Christmas and would want to showcase in your home. Once you have your theme, you can choose your color and create a set of
rules for all of your decorations. Then, make a list, check it twice, have a shopping spree, and get to decorating!