5 Things to Consider Before Building a Home with Pets

5 Things to Consider Before Building a Home with Pets

A lot of thought and time goes into making sure that your custom home is your dream home. There is a lot to consider, from the perfect paint color, to the size of your rooms. Although planning these designs is important, it is also equally important for a pet-owner making the move to ensure that their furry family member(s) feel equally as happy. Here are a couple of things you should consider to ensure that both you and your pet are home sweet home.

The Right Floor

Picking out the flooring is one of the first steps when designing your new home. As a pet-owner, it is possibly the most important task. Accidents happen, and in some cases for those with pets, visible stains can be left on your new carpet if not tended to properly. On the other hand, scratch marks can be left on wooden floors and wear them out over time. Although both cases are fixable, it is not an easy task, or cheap. With that in mind, it is important to consider which flooring would be the best fit for your pet.

Space Out

Although being in a closed space may be ideal for some pets such as cats, this is not always the case for bigger animals. Having plenty of room to run around can not only be an active pet’s desire, but also a requirement. Being in a home with not enough space can not only create stress for you, but also cause your pet to feel anxious as well. You can eliminate this issue by ensuring your floor plan has the right amount of space for your pet to stretch their legs happily. On the other hand, if your pet is more of an indoor animal, consider providing more windows in your design for them to look out. That way they don’t feel so enclosed.

Strong And Steady

The classic term “wild as an animal” was created for a reason. With that in mind, it is important to consider investing in pet-friendly furniture that you know will hold up to the wear and tear of your pet over the years. For example, investing in tables/chairs with exposed legs will help prevent your furniture from collecting fur, while rounded furniture decreases pet injuries. Valuable, fragile items should be stored in sturdy furniture that will not easily be tipped over if run into by your pet.

Beat the Heat

Just like us, not all animals are the same. Some thrive outside while others prefer the comfort of the indoors. In both cases, you should consider the different spaces your pet will need to ensure that they are not stuck in the heat or freezing weather. Pets can cool off in the shade under the deck or warm up near a fireplace located inside. These added features not only enhance the look of your house but also ensure the safety of the pet, which is every owner’s top priority.

Quiet Time

Animals, similar to teenagers, need their time alone too. This can especially be said for more independent pets such as cats. Make sure that there are areas for your pet to enjoy when they need some quiet time. For cats, vertical areas where they can perch or climb works best. Dogs typically enjoy having their own bed, especially in cool or warm areas. Having their own space to be away from the world can ensure their happiness in the long run.

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