5 Questions to Ask When Deciding Between Remodeling and Building

5 Questions to Ask When Deciding Between Remodeling and Building

If you’ve been living in a home for several years or have recently had your kids move out of the home, you may be starting to think about what home you’ll want to settle down in. Do you think the home you are currently living in is the home you want to stay in forever? If it’s not, what would you change? Since remodeling can end up costing just as much as building, you’ll want to be certain you make the right choice with the right reasons in mind. Is it the location you don’t like? Or is it just the fact your bathroom is too small and your kitchen doesn’t have enough counter space? Here are 5 questions to get you started on the debate between fixing up the home you live in or starting from scratch to build a home that 100 percent matches your taste and lifestyle.

Are the Bones of the House Good?

If you’re going to remodel, you need to love the structure of the house. If anything about the bones of your house bothers you, building should be the way you go, unless a remodeler tells you they can fix whatever aspect you don’t like. The structure of your home also needs to be in good enough condition to bother updating. If you feel like your house is about to fall down on a day that’s too windy, you might not want to invest money into it that could be spent on building a structurally sound home. Also look at the structure to determine if the additions you want can be added to the house you have. Some renovating projects aren’t possible without taking too much of the existing foundation apart.

Do You Want to Live During a Renovation?

Most people don’t think about the inconveniences of having a home renovated. If you’ve ever lived through having your roof replaced or even exterminators coming inside to spray, imagine that annoyance and inconvenience times a lot. You’ll have to deal with months of dust and disruption and could even go weeks without parts of your home such as a kitchen sink.

Is Your Location Nice?

One of the benefits to building is that you get to choose your location. But what if you already have a decent home in a great location? Unless your neighborhood has available building lots, you may like remodeling your home better. Especially if you would be leaving close friends and a perfect proximity to your main places such as work or the grocery store.

Do You Have Emotional Attachments to Your House?

Especially if you have lived somewhere for at least ten years or have watched your children grow up in a house, it can be difficult to say goodbye to those floors where your baby learned to crawl and those walls where your toddlers scribbled. If you have too many good memories soaked into your current home, you’re better off fixing up what you don’t like about the place than uprooting and starting over.

Is it Financially Smart?

Already, renovating a home can end up costing just as much as building. But you definitely don’t want renovating to cost more. You have to ask yourself if renovating makes sense for your home’s value. If you plan to move in a few years, renovating wouldn’t be a wise choice. You also have to consider the values of other properties in your neighborhood. If they are rising, you should skip the renovations and find a place to build.

If you’re still unsure between remodeling or building your home, contact Holmes by Design today. We will be more than happy to discuss your options and help you weigh out the pros and cons to get you started on the path to a home that works for you.