5 Features to Include in Your Modern Day Kitchen

5 Features to Include in Your Modern Day Kitchen

Kitchens have drastically changed over the years — with new style preferences and innovations, there are many new features and reinterpretations of appliances at your disposal. If you’re planning to design the cooking space of your dreams, consider including some of the following in your custom built home’s kitchen.   

Hidden Dishwashers

If you’d like to add more space for dirty dishes but don’t wish to have another full-size dishwasher, consider adding a dishwasher drawer. These smaller appliances offer room for a few additional dishes and are hidden amongst other cabinetry drawers. Dishwasher drawers are especially great if you’ve got a bar or smaller kitchen away from your main one and wish to do dishes with ease in these other spaces.

A Range Hood With Style

Today’s range hoods aren’t clunky and style-sacrificing. Many modern-day range hoods actually add visual interest to a kitchen, all while performing their functions better than they have before. Include a range hood in your kitchen with a unique finish or plan to have one that blends in with the rest of your kitchen.  

Drawers for Pots and Pans

With the inclusion of drawers that are wide and deep enough to house large pots, your kitchen will look that much cleaner. Instead of haphazardly arranging these things in a cabinet that’s unfit for the job, a large drawer completely changes the game when it comes to organization and ease of use. There will be no more searching for the right lids and moving multiple things out of place in order to get to the right pot.  

A Coffee Bar

If you struggle without a cup of coffee in the morning, why not create a special place for it in your new kitchen? Design an alcove to specifically serve as your in-home coffee bar and look forward to the morning and putting it to use. By creating a special space to serve as your coffee bar, you won’t have to worry about finding the storage for your coffee machine, filters, sugar, beans, coffee grinder, and more.  

Hidden Trash and Recycling

If trash and recycling cans aren’t something you wish to be visible, plan ahead and allocate space for them in a pull-out drawer. This is a design move that just makes sense. These are features your kitchen will need anyways, and keeping them out of site will keep your kitchen looking neat and create more floor space in your kitchen.