4 Home Office Interior Design Trends You Need to Try


A long time ago, having a home office was considered a luxury. Today, many custom homes are including a lavish home office to accommodate the busy schedules of working parents or the individual with a remote telecommuting job. Thanks to technology more and more of our workforce is skipping the commute and working right from home.

However, you need to be comfortable in order to work your best, right? Don’t settle for a kitchen table or a couch as your home office — especially since your job depends on your productivity, efficiency and overall results. Instead, call the home remodeling professionals at Holmes by Design to create a one-of-a-kind home office. Perhaps you’ll consider adding one of these trends and interior design ideas!

Spacious Windows

Regardless of if you work in a creative or analytical industry, we all need to take a little daydream break now and then. Having wide-open windows in your home office will allow you to gaze out at your landscape, take a quick mental break, and return to your work refreshed. Plus, the spacious windows will make your office appear larger than it truly is!

Minimalistic Design

Many homeowners are taking on the minimalistic interior design approach for their home office. The lack of noise and clutter actually helps some people concentrate on the task at hand rather than be distracted by pictures of your children, bright bursts of colors, loud patterns and designs, or any other potentially sidetracking décor.

In addition, the minimalistic design tends to have a more professional appeal for those in professions requiring a certain upscale appearance. For instance, if by chance you are a self-practicing lawyer and your firm is run out of your custom home, you need your office to look in top shape!

Comfortable Design

On the other hand, some people work best when they are completely comfortable. From working on a beanbag chair to being surrounded by pillows or your favorite pictures, you can design and remodel your home office to appeal to your particular level and desire for comfort!

Bold Colors

While some homeowners prefer the minimalistic design with few colors or styles, others enjoy loud, bright colors to liven up the room. Whether you like the brighter hues or the darker bolder options, adding bursts of color to your home office can be a great choice.

Add a Home Office to Your Custom House

The team at Holmes by Design is excited to get started on your home office in Murfreesboro, TN. Contact us today to learn more about interior design trends, custom home options and so much more.