3 Home Resolutions You Should be Making This New Year

3 Home Resolutions You Should be Making This New Year

It’s never too early to start thinking about what your resolutions will be for the new year. It’s best to start thinking of them now rather than on New Year’s Eve when you likely won’t remember to set a resolution. The more planning behind a resolution, the more likely you are to actually keep to it and the more financially prepared you can be. So what resolutions will you make for your home this year? List them out and set a timeline to make those things happen. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


The first resolution most people tend to make for their homes each year is to determine to keep the house cleaner. This includes an initial decluttering and continual upkeep throughout the year by never letting things like the dishes, laundry, or dust get out of hand. To declutter, make a plan of which rooms you’d like to clean out and when. This will give you a goal to shoot for and increase your chances of carrying through with your plan. Get rid of things you don’t need or use and give them to charity. Once your home is less cluttered, make a weekly chore list to ensure your home can stay clean.

Around-the-House Repairs

Whether it’s lopsided cabinets, a creaky floor, or doors that won’t latch, your house probably has several projects needing to be done that you keep putting off. This year is the year all those things can be taken care of! Take a walk throughout your home and write down everything you see that could be improved. Making a list like this can help you determine if a remodel will suffice, or if you should consider building a home from scratch instead.

Home Improvements

Home improvements are different than average repairs. These include things that would add value to your home such as a patio, new cabinets or countertops, a screened porch, concrete driveway, garden, or swimming pool. Since these are bigger improvements, you may only be able to pick one. Price them out now, so your budget can be prepared next year when you decide to make the big change.

This year, plan to live in a home you love. Either determine to finish all your home projects/ remodeling or begin looking at building a home designed with all your needs in mind. A custom home can give you everything you’ve ever wished for in a home, such as a bigger kitchen, more storage space, better lighting, and more. Whichever you decide to do, make a plan and contact Holmes by Design today for help with either transforming or building your home so you can finally live in the perfect home of your dreams.

After all. It’s a new year. It could be a new home too.