A Glimpse into How Long It Takes to Build a Custom Home

If you are having your custom home built you are probably curious about what goes on during the process. Take a look at our timeline below to get the inside scoop!

Before Building

The first step in the process is to write up different blueprints for the home design. This is where you will have a hefty hand in figuring out where you would like everything. What’s the perfect location for your bedroom? Where does the kitchen island go? How wide should the windows be? Once everything is approved on all ends, the fun officially begins.

Construction Process

Week 1: Getting Prepared

Making room for your home is typically the first step. A team of professional contractors will come in to clear the area before excavating and leveling it off. Once that is finished, don’t be surprised to see wooden stakes in your property. They use these to outline the footprint of your home.

Week 2 through 5: The Three F’s

Next in the process is what is known as the three F’s: footing, foundation, and framing. To break it down, footers are placed around the property to outline the foundation. Once it is approved, concrete is poured into the footers to make a solid, stable foundation. After completion, your home will be framed with woodwork, which can be viewed as the skeleton of your home. During this time your roof, walls, windows, and doors will be completed, albeit a little awkward looking. The next step after approval is for the exterior of the house to be covered with plywood and house wrap to seal off the outside. Because of the major structural work this part may be very tricky and come with delays, so there is a chance this might take a while.

Week 6 through 8: Filling It In

Now that your custom home has a basic structure the next step is to fill it with mechanicals to help your house function. Some mechanicals includes HVAC system wiring, a plumbing line, and other electrical systems. After completion, the contractors will fill the walls with insulation before placing the drywall. This stage is when your home will really start looking more like a home. So feel free to start planning your decor.

Week 9: Flooring and Trim

With everything prepped and ready, flooring will be installed at this point along with cabinets. You will also see trim and molding being installed throughout the house to give it a nice look.

Week 10: Painting and Landscaping

This week is an exciting one for many homeowners as they get to see their home come to life with color. Your walls and trim will be painted with the colors you picked out previously, and your yard will pop with new trees, shrubs, and other plants. In the event that the painter missed a few spots, be sure to take note so that they can fix it later on.

Week 11 and 12: Fixtures and Appliances

As the process winds down, you will start to see fixtures and appliances added in for the final touch. This includes light fixtures, countertops, plug, faucets, and other appliances. Essentially, this is the step that week 6 through 8 was for when the mechanical wirings were installed. Now you will actually see the appliances and systems.

Week 13: Final Inspection

The final week, or sometimes weeks, is all about making sure that your home is ready for you to move into. There will be several inspections to ensure everything is within code. Homeowners will also do a final run-through to make sure all their needs have been met and that there are no fixes required.


Now is the moment you have been waiting for! When everything is approved, all you have left to do is get the keys to your place and move everything in.

At Holmes by Design, we will work with you throughout the entire process to ensure you love the home we’ve built. Give us a call at 615-956-6991 to learn more about our own construction process and get building today!